PMCC Ventures works with Investors, Business Leaders and Lenders. While most all of these client groups have the common goal of ensuring maximum business performance of their investments, their businesses and their client "credits", the nuance of working with each group is different- and in fact the motivations for engaging PMCC Ventures might be different. The common element, however, is that each client group appreciates and benefits from our experiences working with the other groups.

We have also worked with clients in differing stages of development- and financial performance. We have worked with companies that are thriving and seeking the next level of operations and performance. Similarly, we have worked with companies that are struggling to compete and stay in business- turnarounds.

Businesses have different operating styles. We have worked with uber- entrepreneurial private companies and "buttoned up" public companies- and plenty of combinations in between. We understand that the personalities of companies are different, and while all share the aspiration of value creation- they each see different pathways and methods to success.

Because of our experience, we have in depth knowledge of multiple aspects of the value chain that organizes how businesses operate and interoperate, organizational styles and the forces that influence aspiring growth and development companies as well as companies hoping to to play another day by just battening down the hatches and waiting out the storm. We understand the dynamics and motivations of not only our clients, but also their customers and suppliers- we use this insight so we can help our clients best deal with these dynamics and use these dynamics to help our clients create multiple points of advantage and value.

As businesses morph and develop, old value chain relationships reform. We think it is important that a business's advisors are not monolithic in their point of view, as it likely creates both redundancy and blind spots with client understanding and knowledge. In competitive markets you have to reach out for every piece of competitive edge you can.
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Foreign Exchanges


Our clients have also been leaders of specific or multiple business processes or functions. We have deep experience as consultants and business leaders across most key business processes and functions. We are equally comfortable and conversant in Product and Service Companies and their Key processes/functions:
  • Strategic and Executive Management
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Research and Development- and innovation management processes
  • Operations
  • Financial Management
  • Information Management
  • People and Talent development and management
We understand that for the organization to work effectively and efficiently that these processes and functions have to be orchestrated and aligned. Having had both consulting assignments in all of these processes and functions, and interim leadership responsibilities in many of them as well, we can both empathize with the challenges at hand, as well as sort out real issues and opportunities from the others that might happen on to the management agenda.