PMCC Ventures is a consulting and interim leadership firm that focuses on helping clients improve their business performance We work with clients to create value by helping them improve the "business of their business" by enhancing their strategic, operational and financial performance. We work side by side with our clients to help them make important and substantial changes in their business that objectively increases the value of their business. We seek clients that are committed to creating and sustaining differential value for their organizations.

Our Industry, Business Practice and Process, stage of development and performance profile experiences are broad and deep. Our aim, on the other hand is laser focused on helping clients improve the "Business of their Business" and creating and sustaining value by improving their strategic operational and financial performance. We view businesses systemically, and holistically. All businesses operate in a value chain system, and all practices and processes within a business operate in the context of an internal value chain. We believe that true game changing advances are only sustained when they are considered, developed and instituted in this strategic context.

We also view business in a straight forward and simple model: The role of a business and its leaders is to create value for markets, customers and other stakeholders and employees in such a way that makes it difficult for competitors to keep up and to provide rewards/and returns to the owners of the business commensurate with the resources invested and the risks taken.

Our experience and track record instills confidence that we can help clients become more successful. In the long run, we only trade on our reputation for success and service. Our business is the success of our client's business. Our pledge is to work smart and hard to help our clients become more successful by helping them to improve the Business of their Business and creating and sustaining value.

About PMCC

PMCC Ventures was formed in 2007 and is built on the solid foundation of 30+ years of executive and consulting service, experience and success. Today, we still work with many of the same business leaders from clients that we have worked with over the past thirty years- and view that as the ultimate client endorsement. In addition to interim leadership and consulting, we have held significant, P&L responsible Executive experiences. Our experience set includes:
  • Public and Privately owned companies
  • Businesses at all stages of development
  • Global and local, Large and small businesses
  • Multiple industries
  • Turnarounds and high performing growth and development companies
  • Buy and Sell side- Merger and Acquisition companies
  • Investors and Lenders
The experiences gained over 30 plus years have been enriching and provided the motivation to continue learning, developing and evolving. Our clients receive the benefit of these experiences- no matter whether we are working across the business, or on a very specific engagement. These experiences enable us to view opportunities and challenges from a systemic point of view and helps us to point out and manage risks involved in the process of change- we understand how the "pieces fit together". Our learning and development also ensures that Clients will have access to state of the market thinking and concepts, supported by the practicalities and the simple and straightforward focus that we have developed over the years. The structure of our work with clients include: retained advisory, interim leadership roles and project based consulting engagements.

We are students of business performance and organizational change. We understand that people and organizations have different capacities, capabilities and willingness to change. Our approach to our work is underpinned by this understanding and focused on the knowledge that one of the key components of our work with clients is to help people and the organization to understand the need to change, embrace and objectively evaluate alternatives to the status quo and ultimately choose, develop and put resources behind a change that will create and sustain incremental value. Our work with leaders in the business is to help establish an environment that is conducive to creative thinking and the requirements of the overall process of change.

Our Founder
Pat McCormick is the founder and Managing Partner of PMCC Ventures. Pat has had significant hands on leadership experience in devising and executing significant change and improvement processes. Pat's diverse industry and management experience, coupled with a strong financial background and substantial expertise in many facets of business operations afford him a unique vantage point and sufficient experience to be able to quickly understand, analyze and assess current situations and devise game plans to capture and create value. Pat is known as a rigorous and fair business leader and understands that the best way to have change happen in any organization is to help the organization objectively understand their current situation and then lead them to conclusions about the challenge, the need or opportunity to change and finally the imperative to implement and operate assertively.


PMCC Ventures works with Investors, Business Leaders and Lenders. While most all of these client groups have the common goal of ensuring maximum business performance of their investments, their businesses and their client "credits", the nuance of working with each group is different- and in fact the motivations for engaging PMCC Ventures might be different. The common element, however, is that each client group appreciates and benefits from our experiences working with the other groups.

We have also worked with clients in differing stages of development- and financial performance. We have worked with companies that are thriving and seeking the next level of operations and performance. Similarly, we have worked with companies that are struggling to compete and stay in business- turnarounds.

Businesses have different operating styles. We have worked with uber- entrepreneurial private companies and "buttoned up" public companies- and plenty of combinations in between. We understand that the personalities of companies are different, and while all share the aspiration of value creation- they each see different pathways and methods to success.

Because of our experience, we have in depth knowledge of multiple aspects of the value chain that organizes how businesses operate and interoperate, organizational styles and the forces that influence aspiring growth and development companies as well as companies hoping to to play another day by just and battening down the hatches and waiting out the storm. We understand the dynamics and motivations of not only our clients, but also their customers and suppliers- we use this insight so we can help our clients best deal with these dynamics and use these dynamics to help our clients create multiple points of advantage and value.

As businesses morph and develop, old value chain relationships reform. We think it is important that a business's advisors are not monolithic in their point of view, as it likely creates both redundancy and blind spots with client understanding and knowledge. In competitive markets you have to reach out for every piece of competitive edge you can.

Our clients have also been leaders of specific or multiple business processes or functions. We have deep experience as consultants and business leaders across most key business processes and functions. We are equally comfortable and conversant in Product and Service Companies and their Key processes/functions:
  • Strategic and Executive Management
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Research and Development- and innovation management processes
  • Operations
  • Financial Management
  • Information Management
  • People and Talent development and management
We understand that for the organization to work effectively and efficiently that these processes and functions have to be orchestrated and aligned. Having had both consulting assignments in all of these processes and functions, and interim leadership responsibilities in many of them as well, we can both empathize with the challenges at hand, as well as sort out real issues and opportunities from the others that might happen on to the management agenda.


We have been asked to apply our experiences in many different ways. In many instances we have been asked to apply our hands on experiences to assisting due diligence or merger and acquisition assimilation, in others we have been asked to support planning, reporting, analysis and accountability initiatives and in others, to perform strategic and operational assessments for Boards and Business Leaders. We have lead scores of efforts to enhance the effectiveness of financial management- and our knowledge of other aspects of the business have helped financial leader clients better relate and develop capabilities to support multiple aspects of the business. In some instances to rapidly stabilize and help an organization change and improve, they have asked us to provide interim leadership to both manage day to day business and lead the overall change and improvement process.

The foundation to our services and the way we deliver them are straightforward:
  • Game changing improvements are made in, and are aligned with the strategic context of the business.
  • All business (and in fact most interactions) flow through the same development pattern- introduction, growth, maturity and decline. The pace of this flow is tempered by the organization's capacity to change-, which is a combination of the resources that can be deployed (and over what timeframe) and the organization's willingness and capability to operate in the way required by the change.
  • Businesses can choose the level of change they want to embrace. The deeper and more fundamental changes require more preparation, thought and effort- but yield the highest rewards.
  • Most successful changes emanate from within the organization. Change from the outside is not only shunned, people from within the organization frequently resist it for a whole host of reasons. Therefore, our approaches help to establish the proper context and environment to explore and choose among change options and then engage the organization (usually through representatives) to adapt and realize the benefits of the change.