We have been asked to apply our experiences in many different ways. In many instances we have been asked to apply our hands on experiences to assisting due diligence or merger and acquisition assimilation, in others we have been asked to support planning, reporting, analysis and accountability initiatives and in others, to perform strategic and operational assessments for Boards and Business Leaders.

We have lead scores of efforts to enhance the effectiveness of financial management- and our knowledge of other aspects of the business have helped financial leader clients better relate and develop capabilities to support multiple aspects of the business. In some instances to rapidly stabilize and help an organization change and improve, they have asked us to provide interim leadership to both manage day to day business and lead the overall change and improvement process.



The foundation to our services and the way we deliver them are straightforward:
  • Game changing improvements are made in, and are aligned with the strategic context of the business.
  • All business (and in fact most interactions) flow through the same development pattern- introduction, growth, maturity and decline. The pace of this flow is tempered by the organization's capacity to change-, which is a combination of the resources that can be deployed (and over what timeframe) and the organization's willingness and capability to operate in the way required by the change.
  • Businesses can choose the level of change they want to embrace. The deeper and more fundamental changes require more preparation, thought and effort- but yield the highest rewards.
  • Most successful changes emanate from within the organization. Change from the outside is not only shunned, people from within the organization frequently resist it for a whole host of reasons. Therefore, our approaches help to establish the proper context and environment to explore and choose among change options and then engage the organization to adapt and realize the benefits of the change.
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